Air Purifiers Help with Covid

As we still notice that covid 19 is still spreading and people still have a fear of this disease. Among the multiple precautions, the use of an air purifier is one of them. Most people are eager to know if air purifiers help with Covid so, so let us inform the answer is Yes.

About Covid-19 

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has hit the world with complete intensity and thus, the world has been fighting its war against this virus and disease since 2020. According to the research papers associated with Covid-19 that this disease spreads through the air, water, and physical contact. Now, to stop the spread of this coronavirus, the Government has issued some guidelines like wearing a mask all time when going out, maintaining social distancing, and so on to imply a stake over the spreading of the Coronavirus.

Most of the research by doctors defines and concludes that the major medium responsible for the transmission of Covid-19 is air and touching the surface. Although there are other mediums too, these two are the major ones. Also, as time is running up, the Covid-19 or CoronaVirus is becoming more powerful to deal with.

Why Can You Use an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers use to reduce the contaminants and pollutants from the air or your surroundings. It is regarded as a suitable and technically designed device used for removing the contaminants like Covid-19 aerosols from the air. The aim of the purifier is to make the indoor air beneficial for breathing. Air Purifiers also function in enhancing the quality of indoor air. Actually, these air purifiers were earlier marketed for patients suffering from asthmatic problems or who are allergic sufferers you can use the best air purifier for asthma. These devices also work to reduce or eliminate tobacco smoke from surroundings too. If you want to fight against pollutants of the virus then air purifiers help with Covid.

How Covid 19 Spread In Air?

The case of Covid-19 spreading through the air includes these two common modes that allow the easy transmission of Covid-19 includes aerosols and respiratory droplets produced once the person coughs, sneezes, sings, or talks, specifically in the environment surrounded by four walls i.e. indoor environments having limited ventilation. Aerosols are regarded as tiny particles lingering in the air and communicating with air currents including smoke or dust.

While the respiratory droplets are larger than fall directly landing over the surfaces. After this research work, the doctors are looking for suitable solutions or technologies for making indoor environments to be safe and secure for people in offices, subways, restaurants, and so on public places for reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the air.

Although practicing good safety and Governmental guidelines for reducing the spreading of Covid is effective enough for reducing the transmission of Covid aerosols from one human to another, still the users concerned about the transmission of aerosols prefer to adopt the functioning of air purifiers. Hence, through the information given below, the users will get the answers associated with the types of Air Purifiers Help with Covid effectively.

Types of Air Purifiers Help With Covid 2023

Most of the air purifiers available in the market are categorized into two categories including filters or sanitizers while some of them are based on the combination of both these categories. The below-mentioned air purifiers help with covid.

  • Filters are specially designed air purifying devices with the aim of enhancing the quality of indoor air through their function of removing the tiny particles floating in the air like dust, pollen, and pet dander. Although these particles are naturally occurring still they can easily aggravate Covid. In case they inhale these. And HEPA filters are one of the most used home filters.  
  • Sanitizer is another major category of air purifier designed for killing bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, or such spores floating in the surroundings. Again this is also one of the naturally occurring things but these can make people sick or infected with Covid by exposure to air in higher concentrations. The majorly used sanitizers are UV light devices.

Functioning of HEPA Filters and UV Light Air Purifiers For Covid

The term HEPA defines High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting and its name is enough to define its complete function. These filters are effective enough for pulling things out of the air followed by holding onto them so they cannot be re-circulated in the indoor environment. The filters fitted in these HEPA filters are specially designed for trapping the particles of the tiniest size and being just tinier than human hair.

On the other hand, UV light devices do not function to remove anything but are designed for killing viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungal spores of any kind that might be floating in the surrounding air by exposing them to UV rays. This one is the best air purifiers help with covid.

Are These Devices Safe and Secure For Use?

Air Purifiers based on the concept of HEPA filters, UV light, or ionizers are effective enough and are safe for the user as well. But some companies have designed their air purifier based on the concept of Ozone i.e. Ozone generators. Now, although the Ozone Generators function to alter the oxygen modules, inhaling the ozone could make the users suffer from coughing throat irritation, shortness of breath, and so on issues for Covid patients or healthy persons as well. This inhaling of ozone could also result in lung damage to its users. 

Even people facing asthmatic or such breathing concerns can be sensitive to the air quality, and thus, they need to impose limitations to exposure either by staying indoors during Covid days or by avoiding heavy exertion while going outside for work during the scenario.

Are These Air Purifiers Effective Against COVID-19?

The virus named Corona is at the lower range of the HEPA filters and thus, this air purifier might not work with an effectiveness of 100% on a single pass. But, in case this air purifier is executed multiple times then, it can work effectively from 99.94% to 99.97% to take the big chunk of the virus out. Additionally, if the coronavirus is exposed to the UV rays of light by air purifiers then, these air purifier is surely effective in reducing some powerful viruses like COVID-19.

Circumstances Need To Buy Air Purifiers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the home is the best place to keep them safe and secure from getting infected by the Covid-19 disease. As a result, people probably don’t require an air purifier. This whole condition is applicable once the person and his family are obeying the rules and regulations by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks whenever going outside for work.

Now, in case, any of the family people are suffering from Covid-19 then, the person needs to quarantine them until they are sure that they don’t have any symptoms of it. This is one of the social conditions that the person needs to impose or install an air purifier within their room having closed room gates. This device will surely help the family in getting protection for the caregivers from possible exposure.

Things To Be Noted While Purchasing An Air Purifier

First of all, the most important factor is the size of the area that the person is willing to cover. Air Purifiers are the best and most effective and efficient devices when installed in small rooms with all the doors closed for sure. The second factor is that the buyers need to give their concern about the type of air purifier they need to purchase for meeting their requirements. 

Apart from this, the people purchasing the air purifiers need to be concerned about the plan they are adopting as instead of purchasing the whole year plan, they may go for monthly plans. 

Conclusion – Does Air Purifier Help With Covid?

We hope that the information associated with the Air Purifier devices detailed in the aforementioned article is beneficial for the people willing to purchase this device to know it’s working. Although practicing the practices like good social distancing, wearing masks, and so on are beneficial for people in keeping them safe and secure against the Covid-19 pandemic but sill, imposing air purifiers in the home will add an additional layer of protection but this protection will be somehow limited in effectiveness once this is compared with other Corona guideline including wearing a mask, maintaining the social distancing, and so on.