Connect Levoit Air Purifier To My Phone

After we bring home this new Levoit air purifier, the first thing we ask ourselves is how can I connect Levoit air purifier to my phone? On the other hand, we are also eager to know if I can connect a Levoit air purifier to WIFI or an app or not.

Can I Connect Levoit Air Purifier To My Phone By An App?

Yes, you can add an application of Levoit Vesync that supports android and iPhone both. With this app, you can easily connect Levoit air purifier to my phone.

You can easily grab your android phone and install the Levoit Vesync app which is the official application for the Levoit air purifier. iPhone users need not worry as the Levoit air purifier app iPhone is also available for the iOS platform with the same name i.e., the Levoit Vesync app.

Now coming to the context of this whole thing of using a Levoit air purifier at your home to get rid of the polluted air in your personal living space, Covid has brazenly pointed us to the vulnerable state of things in our daily lives, like the medical infrastructural loopholes all over the world, lack of hygienic conditions prevalent all around us and after the second wave, it became prominent that we hardly pay attention to the air quality in our society, let alone at our homes.

Why Use Levoit Air Purifier?

Levoit air purifier makes sure that the air you breathe inside your room is 99.97% fresh and free of harmful particles and the good news is you can take charge of this whole process, analyze the performance of the purifier, examine the air condition of your room right at your fingertips with the help of the Levoit Vesync app. You can use this app to connect my Levoit air purifier to my phone

What Is The Vesync App?

Vesync is the official android and iOS application of the Levoit air purifier installed at your home. You can avail of it in PlayStore for android smartphones and AppStore if you are using an iPhone.

The Levoit Vesync app is that tool that helps you manage your Levoit air purifier which means you can see the real-time air quality in your room, Check the filter life of your purifier, and create a schedule of operations while you analyze the atmospheric condition of your room throughout a given time.

The app helps you see everything related to the Levoit air purifier right on the screen of your mobile device and enables you to make an informed decision regarding your family’s health.

How To Set Up an Application To Phone To Connect Levoit?

The most awaited section in our article is here as we discuss how to connect your Levoit air purifier to your phone using the Vesync app on your phone.

Be it the Levoit air purifier app on android or the Levoit air purifier app on iPhone, your quest will start from PlayStore for android and AppStore for iPhone. In the search bar, you type the Vesync, and boom, the app will show up on the list down below. Choose to install the app and the download followed by the installation process will commence.

Now that you have managed to install the app on your phone, open it and give all permissions that pop up one after another in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the application without any hiccups.

Like any other app you use, this one also requires users to register before they can use the app. Hit the new user registration button if you haven’t made any account in the past or simply log in using the credentials of your existing account and you will be pushed to the homepage of the app.

  • Find the + icon and hit it to view a list of all the categories of Levoit devices.
  • Opt for the “Air Quality Product”
  • Enter the model name of your Levoit air purifier device.
  • Your Levoit air purifier will be successfully connected to the app after that.
  • Visit Levoit’s official website
  • Enter the serial number of your device
  • Hit the activate button

The last three steps are for establishing the connection of your Levoit air purifier with the Wi-Fi connection in your room. You can choose to set a name and give password protection to customize the security aspect of your device.

Compatibility Of Levoit Air Purifier Devices

There remains, however, doubt among the users as to which purifier devices from Levoit support the application named Vesync and we are going to address that doubt here.

If you are using any Levoit air purifier and it has the keyword “Smart” in its name, you can connect it to the Levoit Vesync app.

Like, Levoit Core 300S smart True HEPA air purifier, Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA air purifier etc.

The list contains all those Levoit “Smart” air purifiers which support the app features as all of them possess the required hardware configuration.

Is It Safe To Sleep Leaving The Air Purifier On?

Many of us wonder if we can safely crash without worrying about the air purifier that is turned on. It all depends upon the average air quality inside your room and the pollution outside. Also, it is a case of detecting whether you have serious allergic conditions or asthma. Another factor is the sound air purifiers make but Levoit air purifiers are considered to be the least noisy in the market right now. Depending upon these factors, you can decide to leave it on and see the result for yourself. 

However, if your windows and doors are closed and you have used the air purifier before your sleep and your air quality value shows a satisfactory level, it is always a good choice to put the electric appliance at rest when they are not necessary. If you forget your air purifier on then you can switch off it through the phone because your levoit purifier is connected to your phone.

How is Levoit’s Customer Service?

On Amazon, you will see the average rating of their service is 4.7 out of 5. You can return your problematic device within a stipulated time, claim your warranty benefits without a hassle, troubleshoot the problem remotely or get suggestions, or help from them via email, chat or direct call on their toll-free number Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm as per Pacific Standard Time. Also as we interacted with their CSA or Customer Support Executive on multiple occasions, we can assure you that Levoit provides one of the best Customer support services you will find.