Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

If you’ve been using a Levoit air purifier for a while, you may have noticed a concerning red light. What does the Levoit air purifier red light mean? Don’t worry, by continuing to read the article, you will find all of your questions and answers, such as What the red light means and how to reset it. Levoit air purifiers are efficient purifiers of clean air and are among the best air filters available.

What Does Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Mean?

The red light on a Levoit air purifier indicates that the air filter has become clogged due to dust particles and needs to be cleaned or replaced. This red light can also indicate that your local air pollution is too high for the purifier to handle, in which case you can reset the red light by holding down the button for several seconds. However, in most cases, a red light indicates a maintenance issue, such as waiting too long before cleaning your air purifier.

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How To Reset Red Light On Levoit Air Purifiers?

When your Levoit air purifier has been running efficiently for a long time, it is normal to need to clean or replace the air filter for the air purifier to last as long as possible. However, you will need to reset the filter light at some point, whether after replacing the old filter, if there is a blinking red light, or if all of the display lights are on.

Steps To Reset The Levoit Air Purifier Filter Red Light

The Levoit air purifier red light only turns on when the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, and most of the time, you only need to confirm that your filter is in good condition before we tell you the main reason for the red light turning on is. So, once you’ve confirmed, you’ll need to reset the air purifier for the indicator to restart.

What Is The Process To Reset Levoit Air Purifier Red light? 

You can simply reset the levoit air purifier red light just in a few steps. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps:-

Step 1: Plugged in and turn on your air purifier

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds, or until the light turns off.

As a result, the light turns off, indicating that the filter indicator has been reset and that the next automated notification will begin with a new reading cycle.

There are times when changing the filter before resetting the air purifier is necessary. This could be because it has reached the recommended replacement age or because it has stopped working properly.

However, before resetting the red light, you must change the filter at some points. It could be because it has reached the recommended time frame for replacement or stopped working correctly due to being clogged by dust and other particles.

What Are The Reasons For Red Light On The Levoit Air Purifier?

There are major 3 reasons behind turning on the red light on your Levoit air purifier. That is:

  1. Air Filter needs to clean or replace: The first reason for the red light is that the air filter is clogged with dust and is unable to purify the air, and it requires cleaning or replacement. You can do so by removing the air purifier’s housing and inspecting the filter. It is time to clean or replace it if it appears extremely dirty or clogged. HEPA filters, on the other hand, work best when replaced every six months to a year. To ensure that your washable filter air purifier operates efficiently, clean it once a month with gently running water and a microfiber cloth.
  2. Bad air quality around the air purifier: If you live near an active wildfire or where there is a lot of smoke and dust particles, the red light will warn that the air purifier is struggling to purify all of those pollutants. The best way to fix this is to move your air purifier to different rooms, as some are less polluted than others. However, if your area is heavily polluted and you need a large space for a variety of reasons, you should consider investing in one of the best air purifiers for large rooms.
  3. Reset the Sensors: This case raises the question of why the Levoit air purifier red light does not turn off. The red light may blink if the sensors become overwhelmed by dust and believe that the filter is too dirty or that your environment is too polluted when neither is true. Before resting the red light, clean your air quality sensor with a cotton swab or cloth.

Why The Red Light On A Levoit Air Purifier Is Blinking

A blinking red light indicates that you should check the life of your filter. After that, you can turn it off by resetting the system.

What Do The Colours Mean On The Levoit Air Purifier?

The Levoit air purifier’s LED display shows air quality indicator rings. To display the air quality, an automatic sensor is used, and the sensor uses infrared light to detect airborne particles, which usually takes 5 to 30 seconds. The colour of the light is blue by default, but after a few seconds, the colour of the rings changes based on the air quality detected by the sensor.

Your Levoit air purifier’s auto mode allows your fan speed to adjust automatically based on quality. The shorter the life of the air purifier filter, the lower the quality of air detected. The remaining colours that may be displayed are red, green, or yellow/orange, as shown below.

  • Green Light: Air Quality is Good and the fan speed will be set to low.
  • Orange/Yellow Light: The air quality is Moderate, and the fan will be set to medium speed.
  • Red Light: The air quality is poor, and the fan speed will be set to high to effectively clean the air.
  • Blue Light: Because there are no contaminants in the air to remove, the fan will go into sleep mode.

ConclusionLevoit Air Purifier Red Light

We have discussed what is the actual meaning of the red light on a Levoit air purifier and how you can stop the red light on a Levoit air purifier. As well as we have told the main reason for the red light turning on the Levoit air purifier. Replacing the filter and resetting the air purifier solve most of the issues you’ll encounter. I hope this article is able to help you with the issue you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean Or Replace Levoit Air Purifier Filters?

If the filter is HEPA, it should be replaced every six months to a year, whereas washable filters should be cleaned once a month.

Where Is The Filter Reset Button On Levoit Air Purifier

The reset button on your Levoit air purifier varies depending on the model. The sleep mode button on the LED display, for example, is one possible location for the reset button.

Why Is The Red Light On My Air Purifier On?

The red light indicates that the air filter has become clogged and must be cleaned or replaced.